Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why We Love Green Reviews Packaways Reusable Boxes

We love when people review our products. 

The below is taken directly from "Why We Love Green" 


We really need help with organization at our house.
The problem is that cleaning needs to be more fun--and that's where Packaways Dorm Boxes come in!
These reusable made-in-the-USA boxes are colorful and easy to use!
I was motivated by them to clean out the closet in the kids' room, which was so scary I can't believe I'm posting pictures of it on my blog.
I was especially interested in Packaways because I am a student and will be moving in about a year. We also don't have a lot of time to clean because, well, we're students. When I received my boxes they were so fun and funky that I knew they would be perfect for my kids' closet. I'd been meaning to organize the mess in there for a while, and now I had the perfect containers to do it. (Drumroll, please...)
Here is the incredibly frightening closet: 

packaways-dorm-boxes-reviewYup. Are you still here or did you run away screaming? Whenever the kids would outgrow an article of clothing, it would just get tossed in here. Originally there was organization (note the cardboard box we received of clothes to pass on when we were done with them), but that eventually fell into chaos as we didn't have time to sort clothes by size or "keep or toss."
"Keep or sell" sorting was my goal with the Packaway boxes. The pink box was bigger, so I decided that would be my "sell" box, to try and motivate me to get rid of more stuff. You can see the inside of the green box here, just waiting for some cute clothes to fill it up!
I went on with my closet sorting and organizing (and Baby E. "helped" by removing many items from both boxes) and within an hour I had actually made it through the entire pile of clothes!! The green box held it's load of "keep" clothes without problems, even though it was quite a pile!

The Packaways boxes were wonderful to load with clothes. I love that they have handles, so I can take the pink box down to the car and to the consignment store quickly and easily. And when I'm done at the consignment store, I know the box will easily close up flat and not take up any room at all in my car. 
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my Packaways review opportunity. These fun and funky boxes gave me motivation to clean out the closet (and will help me make some money at the consignment store). Not only are they cleverly designed to fold and unfold easily, but they are durable, reusable, and made in the USA! These Packaways are real winners!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Packaways Make Moving Simple

We all know moving can be a stressful time. You pack and then you unpack. Packaways can help make moving easier and less stressful.
Packaways come in four different colors. Designate a color for each room, i.e. blue for the kitchen, green for the living room. This will help when it comes time to unpack. You can just look at the color of the box and take it to that room in the house. No more guessing which box goes where.

The panels on the sides allow for you to write the contents of the box on them. This can be wiped away so that you can use the boxes again and again. Packaways are made from corrugated plastic and are resistant against water and humidity. This means no more risking the bottom falling out like with cardboard boxes. Water and humidity resistance allow you to be able to store things without risking the contents to be damaged.

After you're done with the move you can store your Packaways until you need them again. They fold up flat to take up minimal space. The instant set-up gets rid of the need for tape, thus saving you money. Being able to reuse your Packaways allows give you good investment; you can reuse your Packaways hundreds of times. Packaways will save you time, money, and your sanity when moving.

Get your Packaways for your next move for 10% off until 3/1/13 with coupon code PRESDAY10.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Packaways Get You Organized

How many bags do you think fit into this 21 gallon Packaway? Let us know your guess and you could win!
Packaways are a great organization tool. The collapsible storage bins have two marking areas for identification of contents. When you are ready to reuse for another purpose, or if you misspelled your own child’s name, simply erase and re-label. The different color options of Packaways [white, blue, pink, lime green] also allow for you to organize things by color. You could designate a specific color to each member of the family to store their things in. You can enter for a chance to win some Packaways to help get you organized below or use coupon code: PRESDAY10 to get 10% until 3/1/13.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Packaways for the Holidays

The Holidays are over. It's time to start packing up all of the decorations. Cardboard boxes and totes won't suffice. Packaways allow you the storage space you need. They are truly square so that small decorative tree will fit perfectly into the under the bed storage container with room to spare.
Next year you won't have to worry about the storage container taking up space during the holidays while it's empty because it's collapsible. PackAways are ultra durable and can be erected, filled, stored, emptied and knocked down flat hundreds of times. Need some Packaways to help store all of your Holiday decor? From now until 3/1/13 get 10% when you used coupon code: PRESDAY10

Friday, January 4, 2013

Packaways Save the Day

Packaways are loved by moms, crafters, dads, builders, organizers, decorators, and anyone that has any need for storage and organization. What's awesome about all of this to you is that we're going to host a Presidential Day Sale! 10% off your order plus free shipping over $49!!!

More information is coming soon. Get your storage boxes, organization boxes and get organized in 2013.  Stay tuned...